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Get ready to escape the strictly touristic spots of Bled and head over to the peaceful trails above the Jelovica plateau. We'll track down the hunting cottage on Talež in between the vast forests, where we'll enjoy the gorgeous view of the Karavanke massif and the valley, as well as satisfy our taste buds with the exquisite local culinary goods. We will finish off the tour with eco hunting, using the unique wooden bow and 3D targets.

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We'll begin our exploration at the Zaka camp sport center, where we'll take the forest road to a smaller mountain pass. This will guide us to Bohinjska Bela village. We'll cross the river Sava Bohinjka and, riding through Kupljenik, we'll go up the Jelovica plateau. The road it’s quite steep but we'll successfully make it look super easy because we're riding on our electric bikes!

We'll continue our trip on the calm roads on the plateau towards Talež mountain. We'll be feeling truly adventurous due to numerous trails and crossroads on the way but also careful in order to not get lost.

The hunting cottage on Talež is situated at the very edge of Jelovica plateau, which is why it offers us an incredible view of the upper Savska ravan and of the West Karavanke with its highest peak, Stol or Chair (2236 m). Aside from the natural heritage, we'll also be presented with the exquisite cuisine at the cottage, where you'll be able to try some of the hunting delicacies.

After our lovely meal and rest, we'll descend into the Lancovo valley, where 2 rivers meet - Sava Bohinjka and Sava Dolinka. We will return to Bled, taking the trails at the edge of Jelovica and through villages Selo and Mlino.

Our hunting adventure will come to an end at the archery center in Zaka, where we'll get familiar with eco hunting! You can test yourself with the help of wooden bow and 3D targets.