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This bee-loving tour will guide you on electric bicycle around the Bled region, where you will get familiar with the rich cultural heritage of beekeeping and see what the exquisite apitourism and bee products have to offer to you.

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We'll start our tour in Bled, the picturesque town in Gorenjska region with the only Slovenian island. Taking the cute village route and biking trail in the direction of Lesce, where the first Slovenian airport was built. We don't, however, visit Lesce, as we're turning towards golf right after crossing Sava Dolinka river.


With our premium bicycle equipment the altitude won't present us any trouble! We'll be passing by a truly curated greenery with golf courses, and then continue towards Vrba (birthplace of Slovenia's biggest poet, France Prešeren) and later to Breznica.

Here, we'll be visiting the exquisite beehive of Mr. Anton Janša and learn more about the old beekeeping traditions.

We'll go on, following the Caesar Road (named in the times where there were no railways yet and all main roads led from Vienna to Trieste). People used to transport different goods across these roads, with most important being the post carriages. At the local taverns, people got food and accommodation, and to this day, you can see where they could tie their horses for the duration of their stay. Caesar Road is ideal for cycling as it's secluded from the busy motorways.

Through the Nova vas (New village) we'll bike to the old city of Radovljica. Among the houses that remained from the 16th, 17th and 18th century, there's also the Radovljica castle, which is the largest building at the Linhart square. Inside, you will find the Beekeeping Museum, a rich tradition of Slovenian beekeeping.

In the 18th and 19th century beekeeping was a very important field of the rural life in Slovenia. At the technical area of the Museum, you will get to know the most typical bee locations and beekeeping tools, while the biology chamber will show you the life and work of our authentic bee species Kranjska sivka (in summer time you can even observe it in her natural habitat). At the art area you can admire the phenomenon of Slovenian folk culture - painted beehive panels.

After having visited the Museum, we will take a breath to rest a bit on the picturesque Linhart square, where we get the wonderful view of river Sava valley and Julius Alps from. Later, we'll continue with cycling down the hill towards river Sava. The trail will lead us by the confluence of two rivers, Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjka, and under Jelovica towards Selo pri Bledu.

Beekeepers are already waiting for us there! At the beekeepers Ambrožič, we'll check out the beekeeper duties, observe the bee family, taste typical bee products and admire beehive panels, folk art Slovenia is specifically known for.

When we're finished touring the bee house and tasting delicious products, we have just a short trip through Mlina and by the Bled lake left. At the very end of our tour, we'll celebrate it with a gift of local honey for each of our guests.