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We'll get to know Pokljuka, the most astonishing high plateau of the Triglav national park, and try out how good we can get at professional biathlon track! Pokljuka has an altitude between 1200 and 1500 m above sea level, and this time, our e-bikes will take us through the vast pine tree forests so we can get to know traditional cheese products, prepared by mountain shepherds.

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We usually take our guests and e-bikes to Pokljuka plateau with the vehicle, while those very adventurous and well physically-prepared can start our tour right off from Bled.

From Mrzli (Cold) Studenec we will ride in the comfort of the vast pine tree forests to protect us from the wind, through Goreljek and towards Zajamniki, one of the most picturesque mountains of the Pokljuka plateau, also called the "balcony of Pokljuka".

When we're done resting our eyes on the view of the mountain, of the tidy street of shepherds' houses and closest 2000 m high peaks, we'll continue our way to mountain Uskovnica. There, we'll enjoy our traditional mountaineer meal.

At the Rudno field, there is a biathlon world cup organized each year. If you want to, you can bring out your inner winter olympic champion and test out biathlon shooting in a modern biathlon center.

From Rudno field, we'll go on towards Viševnik mountain (over 2000m) but turn right to Zajavornik plateau. In summer, you can even see the cows feeding themselves and resting here. Throughout the year you'll see numerous little wooden shepherds' cottages and stalls, with the only brick made building being the creamery / dairy.

What better way to celebrate all this, than with a cuppa of organic locally-made sour milk with buckwheat "žganci", and watching how the traditional cheese is being made! After tasting the local culinary goods, we'll take the short road back to where we started the tour in Mrzli studenec.